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Since 1971, National Hunting and Fishing Day, founded and fostered by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), has been called the most effective grassroots campaign ever undertaken to promote hunters, anglers and the conservation benefits they provide for all Americans who appreciate wildlife and wild places. 30 years after its inception, National Hunting and Fishing Day found its offical home at Wonders of Wildlife in Springfield Missouri.


About Wonders of Wildlife

More than 25 of the country’s leading conservation organizations are contributing to the creation of one of the largest, most immersive conservation attractions in the world. Opening soon in Springfield, Missouri, Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium will celebrate the critical role responsible hunting and fishing play in conserving the great outdoors.

A vision of leading conservationist and Bass Pro Shops founder/CEO Johnny Morris, the 315,000-square-foot experience is intended to inspire future generations to enjoy, love and conserve the great outdoors. To help shape the attraction’s educational message and story Morris convened a “who’s who” of conservation leaders in America. With expertise ranging from wetlands and waterfowl to coastal waters and international wildlife efforts, leading national conservation groups are collaborating to help tell the untold stories of the conservation movement in the United States and showcasing their worldwide impact.


Grand Opening

September 21, 2017

Springfield, Missouri USA



 Wildlife Museum


Meticulously recreated lifelike environments offer visitors a portal to the wild, educating them about the importance of conserving the icons of the animal kingdom. Inspired by Johnny Morris’ visits to the great natural history museums of America, this all-new showcase takes the concept even further with lifelike 4-D dioramas that include the realistic sights, sounds and smells of the world’s awe-inspiring habitats from North America, Africa and the Arctic.

A journey through the wildlife galleries brings guests into lifelike natural settings enriched by hand-painted artisan murals, foliage and waterfalls. Every detail has been painstakingly crafted to transport you into the wilderness. Displays highlight the work of America’s leading conservation groups including Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation and many others.







The aquarium is designed to transport visitors to some of the world’s greatest undersea environments to discover an elaborate trail system of distinct aquatic habitats, including colorful coral reefs, tropical coasts, freshwater swamps, steamy rainforests and more. Throughout the mile-long journey, visitors get closer than ever before with these aquatic animals, with surprises around every turn. The entire aquarium experience celebrates the diversity of all sea life, including incredible sport fish, and highlights the need to conserve these beautiful ecosystems and the animals that live there. 

The new International Game Fish Association Fishing Hall of Fame highlights some of the sport’s most accomplished men and women through a display of personal artifacts and masterfully recreated replicas of world-record freshwater and saltwater fish. The International Game Fish Association, which consists of members in more than 125 countries, has hosted this interactive collection at its global headquarters in Dania Beach, Florida, for the past 16 years. Relocating the exhibit to Wonders of Wildlife provides substantially more exposure and engages more of IGFA’s members and the public.

“We’re thrilled with the opportunity to join a much larger conservation vision that celebrates our sport and the wildlife we love,” said IGFA President Rob Kramer. “Partnering with long-time friend and supporter Johnny Morris on this experience is a win-win for our organization and our mission of game fish conservation.”