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 USA Shooting Team Available for NHF Day Interviews
National Hunting and Fishing Day is drawing near (Sept. 25, 2010) and this year’s honorary chair—the entire USA Shooting Team—is available for media interviews.
A complete roster of these prospective 2012 Olympians, including hometowns, is below.
“Most members of our shooting team grew up hunting and fishing,” said National Shotgun Coach Bret Erickson, himself a four-time Olympian and lifelong hunter and angler from Bennington, Neb. “Nobody starts hunting because they want to go to the Olympics, but it helps. The skills learned in hunting and, to a lesser degree, fishing—safety and comfort with firearms, basic shooting mechanics, patience, controlling emotions, concentration, ability to focus for long periods, persistence—can translate directly to competitive shooting.”
The USA Shooting Team’s strong background in sporting traditions is unique among international shooting teams. Denise Wagner of Wonders of Wildlife, the Springfield, Mo., official home of NHF Day, said, “American hunters and anglers are not only world-class conservationists, they have skills that help make world-class athletes.”
The USA Shooting Team is just back from the World Shooting Championships in Munich, Germany, where it won numerous medals, set new world records and secured five quota spots for the U.S. in the upcoming 2012 London Olympic Games.
Shooters are among the most decorated athletes in U.S. Olympic history. With 103 medals for shotgun, rifle and pistol marksmanship, only track and field, swimming, diving, wrestling and boxing have been more prolific medal producers for Americans. In fact, shooting ranks ahead of gymnastics, figure skating, volleyball and more than 30 other Olympic sports.
Here’s the USA Shooting Team roster of shotgun, rifle and pistol shooters, by state:
Joe Hein, Phenix City
Eric Uptagrafft, Phenix City
Sandra Uptagrafft, Phenix City
Daryl Szarenski, Seale
Teresa DeWitt, Smiths Station
Matthew Gossett, Springville
Ryan Dunham Bender, Delta Junction
Corey Cogdell, Eagle River
Janine Dutton, Eagle River
John Zurek, Tucson

Jake Wallace, Castaic
Susan Sledge, El Cajon
John Bickar, Menlo Park
Kimberly Rhode, Monrovia
Brenda Shinn, Riverside
Ashley Carroll, Solvang
Jeff Holguin, Yorba Linda

Amber English, Colorado Springs
Hannah Lewis, Colorado Springs
Keith Sanderson, Colorado Springs
Kathryn Kananen, Florissant
Scott Franz, Livermore
Emil Milev, Tampa
Alex Chichkov, Temple Terrace
Jimmie Cooper, Columbus
Steve Goff, Columbus
Vincent Hancock, Eatonton
Jason Parker, Forston
Rhonda Bright, Midland

Will Brown, Twins Falls
Kelcey DePatis, Donovan
Sarah Beard, Danville
Haley Dunn, Eddyville
Jake Wallace, Castaic
Michael Liuzza, New Orleans
Caitlin Connor, Winnfield
Rachael Heiden, Clinton
Teresa Meyer, Dearborn
Collin Wietfeldt
Matt Emmons, Grand Rapids
Shawn Dulohery, Lee’s Summit
Lauren Brester, Bozeman
Kylie Gagnon, Bozeman

Reya Kempley, Carson City
Tarl Kempley, Carson City
New York
Sandra Fong, New York
Jason Turner, Rochester
North Dakota
Matthew Pueppke, Amenia

William Crawford, Johnstown
Derek Haldeman, Sunbury
Michael Seery, Toledo
Jon Michael McGrath, Tulsa
Michael Seery, Oregon
Michael Kulbaki, Du Bois
Josh Richmond, Hillsgrove
Ian Rupert, Muncy
Brad Balsley, Uniontown
South Carolina
Christopher Hudock, Charleston
Cathy Arnot, Columbia
South Dakota
Brian Beaman, Shelby
Dempster Christenson, Sioux Falls
Brandy Drozd, Bryan
Thomas Bayer, College Station
Miranda Wilder, Diana
Morgan Harbison, Farmersville
Glenn Eller, Houston
Sean McLelland, Mission
Taylor Gallegos, Prosper
Chris Nona, Richmond
Dominic Grazioli, San Antonio
Meghann Morrill, San Antonio
B.J. Blanchard, Vidor
Matt Rawlings, Wharton
Denise Martin, Chewelah
Jaiden Grinnell, Port Angeles
John Mullins, Port Orchard
Jake Turner, Richland
Amanda Furrer, Spokane
Michael McPhail, Darlington
Dustin Chesboro, Laramie
To arrange an interview with any member of the USA Shooting Team, contact Katie McGinty, USA Shooting media and public relations manager, at 719-866-4896 or
For info on NHF Day, contact Denise Wagner at Wonders of Wildlife museum at 203-241-4468 or, or visit
Sponsors for NHF Day 2010 include Wonders of Wildlife, National Shooting Sports Foundation, Bass Pro Shops, Smith & Wesson, Sportsman Channel, Realtree, Cabela’s,, Yamaha, Pope and Young Club, Izaak Walton League of America, and Academy Sports + Outdoors.